Change Game


Training Game built for Tandem Learning


The Change Game was built for Tandem Learning (now part of Ayogo Games) based on, and to be used in conjunction with, the book Managing Change with Personal Resilience by Linda Hoopes and Mark Kelly. The game was designed to allow participants to understand how they react to change and learn how to modify their behaviors in a more productive manner.

For the implementation of the Change Game, Tandem Learning approached Hybrid to build a game based on their initial designs and concepts. Hybrid worked with Tandem providing the art direction and creation, story and user flow feedback, and software development.

One of the innovative components that Hybrid brought to the design and development was the use of SCORM to track gameplay data as the user progressed. This allowed the game to be placed into a SCORM compliant LMS for plug and play operation and permitted many of the game metrics to be tracked.