Battery Replacement


eLearning Module for ArgonST


The KIV-7 Battery Replacement Module is one segment of a much larger lesson built for ArgonST (now Boeing). The lesson was built to give the learner practical experience using a virtual device due to the lack of available physical KIV-7 devices.

The process depicted is a simple backup battery replacement within the KIV-7 unit. The learning goal was to ensure that the learner would be familiar enough with the system to perform these same steps on a physical device with little to no transition. The use of 3-dimensional objects gave the learner the opportunity to complete the process as though it were on the actual device. For this project we were given the actual object, supporting documentation, and lesson objectives from which we created storyboards and then the final product.

Building lessons on our proven eLearning framework, we reuse common elements such as interface, quiz engines, audio players and text templates to reduce the development timeline. The content contained in each lesson we create is intentionally modularized so that it is easy to reuse, update, or modify. Our expertise in SCORM and AICC specifications ensures that our content will work in any compliant LMS for plug and play compatibility. We are constantly updating this framework to current technologies ensuring that we support desired distribution and customer content.