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Pervasive Game for National Sales Meeting


Deploying engaging training can be a challenge. When the Constellation Academy of Wine wanted to create an interactive experience for their Annual Sales Manager Meeting, they turned to our design partners Tandem Learning, who called upon Hybrid and our Alternate Reality Platform to create a Pervasive Learning Experience (PLE).

The experience was designed to promote team competition around the challenge of selling wines to hotels. The experience was created so that it could be done leading up to and throughout the duration of the meetings. The experience had users interacting with fictional hotel, bar, restaurant, and event managers through websites and Facebook profiles created specifically for the event. As the users learned more about the fictional locations and their clientele, it was up to them to select the correct wines for the venue.

How successful was it? According to the customer, players were "jumping up and down and saying 'I want to play more!'" The final experience hosted 389 users over three weeks and provided an experience that the users won't soon forget. It successfully created broader learning and networking objectives outside of the standard sales lectures.

We are constantly thinking of other new and interesting ideas for engagement and increased interactions for conferences and workshops that we discuss here.